Custom Design Service

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Custom DesIgn Service

Totally 218 people is working in our 16.000 squaremeter factory at departments of Project – Mock up production – Serial production. Every Stage necessary for a product manufacturing process is handled inside the factory. For example a table lamp’s manufacturing process starts with Machining and Metal cutting and go ons with Polishing, Levelling, Grinder, Painting, Shade Fabric and Wiring, Assembly and end with Packing. There are CNC Lathe, CNC Vertical Processing Center, Universal Router and Lathe, Revolver, CNC Laser Cut Machine, Full automatic and Circular Saw, Bending Press in our machinery. We cut, drill, bond and color the glass parts in our glasswork department. Wood Atelier, Dyehouse, Shade Atelier are within the boundaries of our factory. All kind of raw material are  stocked in our ware house. All of the machinery are used by the experts in their field.

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